How strong is strong enough
that I don’t attract enemies
but I can protect my family

So I never see a repeat
of the hopelessness I felt
of the helplessness I had

How powerful is power enough
that my name provokes respect
in ways that save my children

How can I only watch her
condemned, accused, tormented
I cry for a chance to fight beside her

How rich is rich enough
that we live in luxury and comfort
and all the best are theirs

I thought working hard is enough
now my girls, oh my beautiful girls
stand as pawns in the rich’s games

A world that is unfair to the poor
that makes excuses for the rich
how can this be, how can this be

Now I wish above all else
to be strong, powerful, and rich
if that will keep my family safe

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Comfort & Mary

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to our blog!!!!! yes, our :)
I am Comfort and I am Mae.
we love to eat, read, pray, write and struggle to be fit (lol). Join us on this wonderful-interesting journey. Stay Tuned (dramatic Pause)

- Comfort x Mae :)

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