Illusion Jibade’s POV

My name is Jibade Johnson, and this is my account of how Uju was rescued. I had been distracted for a bit these days.

Not because I wasn’t happy about Uju’s pregnancy, cause I was.

I just could not quite put my finger on it, but I was disturbed about something, and it didn’t make any sense until I heard from James Bond.

He was investigating Irikefe, Uju’s husband. You may wonder why his name is even on my list of suspects.

Truth is it was an afterthought. I can tell that he doesn’t like me, but he’s too proud to have a fight with Uju over me because he’s sure he’s better than me.

More superior in some way.

Turns out it’s worse than I thought.

Three days ago, James Bond called me to confirm if Uju told me about what he found out about Irikefe. He had traveled out of the country and left a message to Uju to share the report with me mostly because he suspected it might be connected to Jumoke’s kidnapping.

After his call, it clicked

That was why she looked so uncomfortable, and her smile was so fake when I went to see her.

She was a hostage!!!

After Jumoke died, I found God, and prayer became my source of strength.

Strength which I needed the most now.

I called the police commissioner to dispatch his men to her house and drove there as fast as I could.

On my way there, I prayed that he had not traveled with her yet because God knows I could not.

I could not lose her too.

When I got there, she was unconscious, and Irikefe was placing her in his car.

I was so scared that she would not make it. The police came a minute later. They took over and arrested him while I took her to the hospital. The doctor said she was under severe stress and might not wake up for a while.

Three days!!!

That’s how long it took before she finally woke up. The baby is in good health, but Uju might take a while.

Irikefe had been arrested along with some of his partners, others fled. He offered to release his client list for a reduced sentence.

He died in prison.

Is it a coincidence that I knew about Irikefe just in time to save her?

I think not.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe it is the deliberate act of God, watching over us and guiding us to watch over each other.

Photo provided by Pexels

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