A Poet’s Soliloquy

Why am I still alive

She’s here then she’s gone

This must be my karma

To watch her head fall

As she takes her last breath


I saw her first

I loved her first

She was gold, she was fire

She was cruel and ambitious

And I loved everything she was


But he has money and power

I have nothing but my poetry

And even though she chose him

Even though I was unreconciled

I wanted her to live well


To some, she was a seductress

A witch who stole the king’s mind

To the king, she was novel and exciting

To her father, she was a pawn

A stepping stone to aristocracy



When the excitement wore off

And her womb produced no living heir

He sought to cast her away

For she had become an iniquity

A hindrance to his clear thinking


Perhaps I am not without bias

Perhaps she could be diabolical

But her love is always true

Why must he ruthlessly debase her

Afflict on their child this terrible fate



I wish to return to simpler times

When we met under trees

And my poetry was our love song

When she was my muse

Before she was his queen

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Comfort & Mary

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to our blog!!!!! yes, our :)
I am Comfort and I am Mae.
we love to eat, read, pray, write and struggle to be fit (lol). Join us on this wonderful-interesting journey. Stay Tuned (dramatic Pause)

- Comfort x Mae :)

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