I seem to forget

Sometimes I forget.

I forget his love,

How much he cares for me,

I forget the price that was paid for me ,

That before I was even lost,I was found by him.

I want to be held so tight by someone forgetting the hands that hold me are those that made the heavens,

I want to be whispered to with sweet words forgetting that he has given me an eternal word that never fades away.

I forget that he lives in me and I in him so I always yearn for someone to be in me.

How could I forget that he left his temple to live in me?

Why do I seem to forget that my body is his edifice?

The pieces of my heart that were broken and scattered, he gathered and mended with his love

I seem to forget .

I forget the price that was paid,

Paid with blood; he died for me.

I seem to forget I was in debt.

I owed death.

I seem to forget.

He died so I would live.

I seem to forget that he loved me before I knew him,

Before I knew anything,

He loved me.

I seem to forget this love

That’s why I look for something lesser; something I can see

I forget that love in itself is abstract,

that in my attempt to see everything I see nothing.

Am I looking in the wrong places?

I seem to forget all these.

That I live because he lives.

That I died in him and as he rose, I rose with him and now I live forever.

I seem to forget that no matter how much I try I can never stop him from loving me.

He will always love me.


I seem to forget.

Categories: poetry

Comfort & Mary

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to our blog!!!!! yes, our :)
I am Comfort and I am Mae.
we love to eat, read, pray, write and struggle to be fit (lol). Join us on this wonderful-interesting journey. Stay Tuned (dramatic Pause)

- Comfort x Mae :)

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