Aren’t we all slaves to something
Slaves to money and power
Slaves to time and deadlines
Slaves to heart-stopping passion
Slaves to lust and sex

Bound by love and affection
By duty and obligations
By the temptation of more
By morality and self-righteousness
Confined by society’s status quo

See time never waits, never stops
So we must dance to its tune
See time never gives, never borrows
So we only get what we get
Aren’t we then slaves to its might

See money brings comfort, and fame
So we rise early and rest late
See money turns friends into foes
So we cheat and lie to each other
Aren’t we then slaves to its might

I am a slave, I admit
And I will be faithful to my master
To God who is love, who is Yahweh
His power that keeps and lifts me
His grace that made me righteous


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Comfort & Mary

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to our blog!!!!! yes, our :)
I am Comfort and I am Mae.
we love to eat, read, pray, write and struggle to be fit (lol). Join us on this wonderful-interesting journey. Stay Tuned (dramatic Pause)

- Comfort x Mae :)

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